The exact cause of PMS is not known to the researchers. It is believed that the changes in the hormones level before the menstrual cycle begins may be the cause of PMS. Females have a natural balance of both the male and female hormones in their body. An increase in the level of prolactin (responsible for producing breast milk) and male hormones in the body of women can decrease the level of progesterone and delay ovulation. This could also be a possible reason of PMS. PMS could also be due to imbalance in magnesium and calcium levels in the body.



Take a hot bath

Take a hot bath. It will relax all the muscles and hence relieve you of PMS cramps.

Drink Red Wine

Drink some red wine. It will soothe the PMS cramps.

Take a cup of tea

Make a cup of tea; put some lemon juice and one tsp whiskey in it. Drink it hot.

Use of Chase tree herb

Chase tree herb is effective in curing PMS cramps. Every morning put 10 drops of chase tree extract in a glass of water and drink.

Other Remedies

Peppermint tea and chamomile tea are quite effective in alleviating stomach cramps due to PMS. To relieve your cramps instantly drink a cup of yarrow tea. Drink one cup of pickle juice (juice in which pickle is dipped).



Potassium rich Diet

Eat a diet rich in potassium. Broccoli, fish and beans are good sources of potassium.

Diet for Women

Women with PMS need to stabilize their blood sugar. For this they should eat small and frequent meals.

Other Diet

Abstain from caffeine; it will increase depression, irritability and anxiety. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and fish. Avoid red meat and fatty foods. They can increase estrogen levels in your blood and hence, will aggravate the PMS symptoms. Eat a low sodium diet. It will help you to get rid of excess body fluids. Take 1000 mg. magnesium daily. This will help you to get relief from the PMS symptoms. Intake of vitamin E reduces breast soreness. Intake of vitamin B6 helps in blood circulation and water retention. Increase intake of soybean and alfalfa seeds because they contain female hormone estrogen.Reduce intake of salt and sugar.

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