Causes for Tennis Elbow


Known causes for tennis elbow

Some of the known causes of tennis elbow include:

- Damage caused to muscles, tendons and ligaments around the elbow joint.
- Excessive pressure on the elbow.
- Stress
- Muscle exertion
- Elbow Injury
- Repetitive movements of the elbow
- Pressure on the radial nerve


Remedies for Tennis Elbow


Natural home cures for tennis elbow

Suggested home remedies for tennis elbow include:

- Ice Packs: Ice packs applied over the elbow joint for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours can reduce pain and swelling around the elbow joint area.
- Zostrix: Is a derivative of hot pepper. It can be wrapped around the elbow joint to reduce sensation of pain.
- Heat Packs: Alternating ice packs with heat packs can comfort the elbow joint.
- Potato Pack: Warm and baked potatoes can help reduce the pain.


Diet for Tennis Elbow


Include these in your diet

- Celery is known to be a good remedy for rheumatism. The fluids can be extracted from seeds and had with hot water before meals. 5-10 drops of fluid with hot water can be beneficial in treating the pain.
- Omega -3 fatty acids found mainly in fish also help treat arthritic conditions. Intake of Omega- 3 supplements can help reduce the inflammation and pain.


Suggestions for Tennis Elbow

Other suggestions and tips to follow for people with tennis elbow

- Modify stressful activities
- Exercise regularly
- Avoid repetitive movements
- Employ smooth movement of the elbow
- Avoid exerting the elbow joint

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