Zits Causes

Main cause of zits is excess sebum or oil production

Zits are mainly caused due to the excessive production of sebum, a type of oil generated by the sebaceous glands. The sebum blocks the hair follicles and the pores of the skin with oil, dead skin and bacteria. This creates a protrusion on the skin known as acne, zits, blackheads or white heads. The protrusion may or may not be filled with pus.

The main causes that lead to an excessive production of sebum are:

- Hormonal imbalance during puberty and pre menstrual cycle
- Intake of oily, fatty and fried foods
- Hereditary skin disorder
- Use of cosmetics that affect the skin


Zits Home Remedies


Home Remedies to eliminate and prevent zits

The remedies that help prevent and treat zits are:

- A granular paste made of almonds is an effective treatment for acne with skin cleansing and enriching properties.
- A paste made of lentils and curd with a few drops of margosa juice can be an effective remedy to treat pimples or zits.
- Washing the skin with green gram flour helps clean the skin and also helps bleach the face.
- Honey , sandalwood, olive oil mixture can help soothe dry skin

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